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  1. Hi Megan! My fiancé is currently in OCS in Rhode Island! We have our wedding planned over Labor Day Weekend of this year. He will be graduating on May 18th from OCS then have a couple weeks off before reporting to Pensacola, FL. My question is will he have leave for Labor Day Weekend (Friday-Monday)? Thanks!

    1. Hey Hannah! That is so exciting, congrats!! I can't speak for every training squadron as they all vary but my husband was able to get Labor Day plus a couple days off for our wedding (which was over Labor Day too!) He will for sure get Monday off; but he may have to fly Friday or Saturday depending on his squadron. I would definitely have him talk to someone as soon as he checks in so he can get his leave in early! From my experience they usually give a few days off for your own wedding, but I would definitely have him talk to someone in Pensacola about it as soon as he can.
      Congratulations again! :)


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