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Wednesday, January 17

Backsory: I am a part of a Facebook group called White Walls (if you're a military spouse and aren't in the group you need to go join it now). It is a group for military spouses to show how they decorate their "white walls" in base housing or in rental housing. Since we all move around a lot, we can't really make each house our own. However, some of the people in the group have done amazing things to their rental houses that have completely changed the look! One of them being the removable wallpaper that I'm going to explain in the post!

Last weekend, I went to Target and saw this wallpaper for about $30. I had seen it on the Facebook page awhile back and it sparked my interest. I wasn't going to buy it but my friend told me that she would help me put it up if I got it... so I left Target that day with something I didn't go in there to buy (story of my life LOL). 

On a Saturday night, two of my good friends came over and we ate pizza, drank wine and put up wallpaper! (You know you're getting older when ladies night turns into decorating your kitchen.) The wallpaper was a bit challenging to put up because you had to line the tiles up just right and make sure the fake grout colors matched. Lucky for me, my friends were pro at it and they had a system down so that they could line it up perfectly! Overall it took us the whole roll of wallpaper and about 2 hours start to finish. 

I highly recommend this to pretty much anyone who wants to make their kitchen more "Joanna Gaines" without it being permanent. We did have to take a couple pieces off after we put them on and the pieces peeled right off the wall with absolutely no damage at all! I was throughly surprised with how real the subway tiles looked and I am absolutely obsessed with the way it turned out. It makes my kitchen look like a whole new kitchen!

Target also has a lot of other patterns so if subway tile isn't your thing or you are looking to do a whole wall, they have you covered! Let me know if you try this wallpaper and what you think of it :)


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