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Monday, September 25

Its that time of year again.... Ball Season!! I am a total sucker for a reason to get dressed up (sometimes I dress up just to go out to dinner with my hubby) so when ball season comes around I get really excited! 

I remember Roxy (from Army Wives) being worried about the "dress code" she would have to abide by after Trevor went to OCS. I found this part of the show funny because there isn't really a dress code for spouses on a normal day. I have definitely shown up to spouse meetings in my Navy sweatshirt and leggings but have also show up in a preppy Lilly dress so I personally think anything goes. However, when it comes to events and balls, there is definitely an unspoken dress code. From what I've experienced, it is best to wear modest clothes but still show off you sense of style - you can do this by wearing a chunky necklace or some adorable peep-toe heels!  

I wanted to share some of the outfits I have worn to Navy ceremonies since Daniel has been in. Also, I am the kind of person who doesn't want to spend a ton on formal clothes since I don't really get a chance to wear them that often. So, all of the dresses I listed below are $80 and under!

OCS Dinner - The OCS dinner was more on the formal side so I opted to wear this red dress that I picked up from H&M almost a year prior. I didn't have a good sweater to wear so I paired it with my professional blazer to give the dress a professional/formal look. 

Blue Dress (sold out - linked similar) // Pink Scarf // Wedges 

OCS Graduation - OCS graduation was a little on the less formal side. It was in an auditorium and was a short ceremony so I didn't dress up too much. I ordered this dress from Red Dress Boutique about a month before heading to Rhode Island. I knew it was going to be chilly there so I made sure to pick up a cute oversized scarf to wear with it. If I could change one thing about this outfit, I would ditch the heels. We did a lot of walking and heels weren't really the best choice for shoes. 

Merlot Dress (linked similar) // Heels

Navy Ball - This was my first ball so I had no idea what to wear! I went shopping with my gal-pal who had been to a Marine Ball before and she helped me pick out this dress. I originally found a dress similar to it at the mall but didn't want to pay over $200 for a dress I would wear once. So I headed over to Lulu's online and found this perfect dress for the perfect price! A simple yet elegant dress is always a good option for the ball. However, I did see some cinderella style dresses that had sequins and I also saw 3-5 ladies wearing short dresses. So I guess it is whatever you feel most comfortable in!

Black Dress (sold out - linked similar) // Lilly Pulitzer Belt (similar) // Black Necklace

Wining Ceremony - Again, I had no idea what to wear for the winging ceremony! A couple senior spouses had told me to wear nice Sunday church attire so I tried to match that. Keep in mind that you will be going on stage (above the crowd) to pin on wings; so, when finding an outfit, think about how it will look from the audiences' point of view (aka not too short). In the end, I think my simple black long sleeve dress was perfect. It wasn't too dressy but it didn't look casual either. I would recommend either a simple dress or a cute summer dress for an event like this!

I hope you all have a wonderful ball/ceremony with your military member!

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