A year in the life - Jack Edition

Friday, August 25

Today is our childrens' birthdays!!

We have a 5 year old cat (Nala) and a 1 year old dog (Jack). It was actually a coincidence that their birthdays fell on the same day. We adopted Nala almost 5 years ago, when she was only 3 months old, and Jack almost a year ago, when he was 2 months old. While Nala gets honorable mention in this post, I wanted to focus on our puppy journey...

1 week old
8 weeks old - first day we took him home

2 months old - first vet visit

3 months old - first rawhide bone

4 months old - first puppy play date

5 months old - still figuring out how to be like his sister

6 months old - he (barely) passed puppy training

7 months old - we had to pack up the house and move

8 months old - he slept through 2000+ miles in the car

9 months old - he had to celebrate Easter in the cone of shame

10 months old - his first girlfriend

11 months old - he got to be a little boy and play in the dirt at the dog park

1 year old - he recieved some birthday treats (a rubber rope, Beggin Strips and a Sprinkles Cupcake!)

5 years old - she got some birthday treats too (catnip, Kitty Cravings tuna snacks and some squishy fetch balls!)

Well, as you can see, it has been a crazy but fun year! Jack is still learning some manners such as jumping up on people and using his mouth while playing. But other than that, he has sure made us proud! Nala has been doing her own thing but she still cuddles with me every night and loves to eat bananas! She has such a great personality for a cat and makes life more fun. 



  1. These are great pics and our grand-pup and grand-kitty are awesome! They are lucky to have such great parents, too!

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