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Wednesday, May 24

About a month ago, my husband painted a wall in our house and I posted this photo on my social media pages. I received so many sweet comments and had quite a few questions about it! So, I wanted to do a little FAQ on how we painted our walls... 

1. What color is that?

    The current color on our wall is the color "Anonymous" by Behr (can be purchased at The Home Depot). We also tried "Flannel" by Behr but it was a little too light for us. Flannel is between white and anonymous, which works well if you don't have a lot of natural light in the room. We also tried Georgian Bay by Sherwin Williams but we hated the color. Originally we thought blue would look good but it was definitely not our style!

2. How did you tape off the wall?

    We originally used Frog Tape but found that it does not work well with textured walls AT ALL. So, we went back to Home Depot and picked up 3m blue tape. The blue tape worked a little better but it was still not creating crisp lines like it should. Finally, we went back to Home Depot and picked up an angled brush. My hubby ended up painting all of the lines by hand! It took him quite awhile but it was so worth it when we ended up with perfectly straight lines.

3. Where did you get your couches?

   We actually purchased our couches from a sample sale so they are not yet on the market. However, they are the brand Michael Nicolas and Mor Furniture should be selling them in the near future!

4. Where did you get your "adventure awaits" sign?

    We got our sign as a wedding gift! I'm not totally sure where it came from but I have seen some similar signs on Etsy and in Hobby Lobby. 

5. How many coats of paint did you use?

   We did two coats. The paint we purchased was the Behr Marquee so it was only supposed to be one coat coverage, but we preferred the look of two coats.

6. Can you paint even though you're renting?

   Yes!! We can paint any wall we would like as long as we paint it back when we move out. Our landlord will either give us their paint color or we can have them to paint it back. *Make sure you check with your landlord before you paint a wall because some places have a list of approved colors that you can actually leave on your wall when you move out.*

7. Any tips?

    Use a 3/4in nap foam roller when you paint. Also, buy a plastic paint tray because they are easier to clean. Have patience (or a husband who has patience)! 

Let me know if you have any further questions, or have redecorated your house recently, in the comments below!

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