Bose SoundLink Headphone Review

Wednesday, May 10

1. These headphones have great sound quality!

2. The bluetooth is so easy to connect. When you first turn your headphones on, it will have you connect to your phone/ipad/computer. Then, whenever you turn on your headphones they will say "connecting to iphone" and connect quickly. Its really nice not having to go into my bluetooth menu each time I turn my headphones on.

3. These headphones are packable! They fold up into a small carrying case and are very light weight. They're the perfect headphone for traveling or going to study. 

4. One thing that I absolutely love is the fact that it comes with an aux cable. A lot of the headphones I looked at, before purchasing these, didn't have an aux cable. The aux cable is good for when you are on the airplane and want to listen to a movie but they don't have bluetooth connectivity. It is also nice if you're trying to save the battery on your phone and want to turn off your bluetooth.

5. Another feature I find neat is my phone shows the battery life of my headphones. I'm not sure if all bluetooth headphones do this, but I really like it!

6. These headphones are perfect for me because they sit on your ear instead of covering your entire ear. I personally don't like noise-canceling headphones (they throw off my equilibrium) or headphones that cover my entire ear. So, when I found that these sit on top of my ears, without squishing my earrings into my neck, they were a must buy!

1.  One thing that I don't like is the color. The blue is pretty but the tan is really light colored and I'm worried it is going to get dirty over time. Due to the color, I don't think these headphones would be a good fit for someone who wants to wear them to workout.

2. While the carrying case that comes with them is really nice, I feel that it is a bit too small. Whenever I put my headphones in the case it squishes them together. The case is also kind of hard to close with the headphones in it.

Overall, I love my headphones! They were everything I was looking for. The price tag is a little high, but totally worth it. Bose did a great job when creating these!

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