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Sunday, December 4

A photo posted by Jack (@navy.jack.dog) on

A photo posted by Jack (@navy.jack.dog) on

What breed is Jack and how big will he get?
He is a golden retriever and will get to be about 80 lbs once he is full grown.

How is he doing at training?
He is doing okay at training.... He is almost all potty trained and he knows sit really well. However, he still jumps on people and chews on hands. We are taking him to PetSmart Puppy classes and he is doing well so far in them.

How does he get along with your cat?
He really likes the cat but she doesn't like him so much. She will sit as high as she can and meow at him while he tries to reach her. It is actually pretty comical!

 Where did you get him from?
We got him from a guy here in Pensacola who had a litter of puppies he couldn't take care of.

How do you keep his fur so soft?
He gets baths on a weekly basis. We shampoo, condition and then blow dry him. He actually really doesn't mind the blow dryer and tries to eat the air! I also brush him quite often.

Does he sleep well at night?
He does and he doesn't. It really depends on the night. If we take him for a walk before bed then he sleeps fine but if we don't then he will cry around 3-4am. We had to pick up an ultrasonic barking egg that puts out an ultrasonic sound to warn him not to bark every time he does. It has really helped him sleep a lot better! It is also way more humane than a static collar.

Where do you keep him when you leave for work?
We have a "hurricane room" in our house that is made of all concrete. We keep him in there with a gate in the doorway so he can't destroy any more doors/walls/carpets. We put a pee pad, water, his bed and toys in there to keep him busy while we are gone. He seems perfectly content and is really good about being in there now.

How are you going to move with him?
We haven't quite thought about that yet. When we moved our cat, my mom actually flew her down to us so we have never moved with animals. However, we will probably load Jack, and all of his stuff, into our car when we move. The vet told me to get motion sickness medication for humans and give it to him in the car so he will calm down. I will try to make another post about moving with animals once we actually move him!

Follow him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/navy.jack.dog/

I hope you enjoyed reading about my little bundle of joy! He is quite a handful but I still love him tons. If anyone has any questions about him, or puppies in general, feel free to leave a comment or email me using the "contact me" tab. Have a good week ahead!

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