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Monday, November 14

I ordered the Hepburn style -- of course :)

I recently ordered glasses from EyeBuyDirect that are good for the computer. Unfortunately my vision has slowly been going downhill so I have to wear glasses. These glasses from EyeBuyDirect are awesome because they protect your eyes from the glare of computer and phone screens. Since I sit at my desk and stare at a computer all day, these were a must try for me! 

I have been wearing them for about a month now and I love them! They really make a huge difference in my eye fatigue during the day. I used to come home and not even want to watch TV because my eyes hurt so bad. Now the eye fatigue is basically gone with these glasses.

I chose EyeBuyDirect because I had heard good reviews from them and now I will give them good reviews. It was a little scary picking out glasses online since you can't actually try them on. However, they have a feature where you can upload a photo of yourself and "try on" different glasses. Once you order them, EyeBuyDirect is great with keeping you up to date with where your glasses are in the process. They emailed me when the lenses were being cut, fitted, checked and shipped. If I was unhappy when they arrived, I had a couple weeks to return them for something different - but I loved mine so I didn't have to return them! 

I highly recommend these computer glasses for anyone who uses their computer or phones a lot during the day. They are super cute and functional! To get $10 off your purchase, use  my code: IFFKQSI26J

Here are a few ways you can style them for different occasions :)

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