House Tour: Part 2 - The Kitchen

Tuesday, July 12

This room is my favorite in the entire house. It is what sold us when the realtor was giving us a tour: the kitchen!  Backstory: Daniel and I are constantly in the kitchen and love to have wide-open spaces, lots of storage and plenty of counter space. We also like black appliances (yes, we are a little weird and picky about kitchens). And this kitchen has absolutely everything we were looking for.

On the left, we have a breakfast bar and on the right, is a huge pantry. We also have shelves on the left to store our Starbucks “You Are Here” mugs, Russian Vodka from Daniel’s brother (who currently lives and works in Russia) and our favorite Disney picture.

 Since I was born and raised in Washington State, it is certainly understandable that I would love coffee. After all, its the Starbucks capitol of the world. The above picture shows my favorite coffee pot. It’s perfect because it can be programmed, the night before, to brew fresh coffee for first thing in the morning. It also keeps coffee warm almost all day. Additionally, we have a Nespresso Machine (an Italian espresso machine). It is tucked away in the cabinet below but we use it on the weekend mornings as an extra treat. Lastly, I want to give a shout-out to my brother's girlfriend for giving me my favorite “M” mug! [click here to pick one up]

In this corner, we have our decorative cutting board, knife block and knives. We received these wonderful gifts at our wedding shower. This awesome cutting board is meant for display and we think it looks nice good next to the attractive knife block and knives. These knives are from Chicago Cutlery and are amazing. I recommend them to anyone who needs a new set of knives.

While wandering through Target recently, we found these metals hooks. When Daniel saw them, he instantly knew they would be perfect for hanging our serving ware. We love the textured-metal look on the serving ware so we wanted to display them somehow. Since hanging them on these hooks, they not only look nice but are handy, too.

Finally, what kitchen is complete without a wonderfully-scented candle? After smelling every single candle at Bath and Body Works, we finally decided on “Bow Ties and Bourbon.” We thought it was a fitting name since we are now “Southerners.” (:

Thanks for reading my blog. Please let me know in the comments section if you would like to see anything else on the blog. Happy Wednesday!

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