Beach Hair, Don't Care

Thursday, July 21

This past weekend, my mom got the chance to visit us and we had a lot of fun! Here is a quick photo recap of the weekend...

We started the weekend off by having dinner at a restaurant in Downtown Pensacola called Taco Mez. I had a hibiscus martini and a "fancy ass taco" that were both delicious! I highly reccomend the place to those who live in or visit Pensacola because it was good food for a good price too.

We got up early on Saturday morning and headed down to the beach. While at the beach we got the chance to rent mopeds and ride them around the island! It was so much fun to drive around the little town and we found a really good place to eat lunch (Juana's Pagodas). After mopeds, we decided to rent kayaks and went kayaking on the ocean. Kayaking on the ocean is so much harder than kayaking on a lake! When we were fully exhausted we headed home. That night, my mom and I went to a froyo place by my house and enjoyed a cup of froyo together before she had to head back to Washington. I am so thankful for all of the fun we had last weekend!

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