House Tour: Part 1

Wednesday, June 15

At the beginning of the month, Daniel and I signed a lease for our first house together. We were able to move in right away, which was very nice after living in the Navy Gateway hotel for 12 days. Moving and loading/unloading the truck was the worst; however, unpacking our boxes in our new home was the best! I’m slowly getting everything put together, so these next few posts will be a series of “our new home, room-by-room.” I’ll try to post every Wednesday so keep an eye out for the rest of the tour. For today: the master bedroom and my closet (we have four closets so I’m going to feature one of the four).

The bedroom is a bit small, but has enough room for our bed and nightstands. Yes, those are Build-A-Bears that Daniel and I made for each other: “Jedi Steve” and “Princess Lillie.” The cubes that we use as night stands are actually from Walmart. They are made with strong composite wood and t-design which makes for a sturdy structure. They also look very nice. We chose the espresso finish because we found that it goes well with any color of bedspread.

While attending college at WSU, I purchased this New York City canvas print from Ross. Since it has traveled with me from Pullman to Spokane and now to Florida, it was the first picture to be hung in our new home here, in Florida.

The little details – pajamas // nail polish on a cake stand // shoebox full of electronic chargers // Lauree bag from a family trip to New York City // jewelry box // Build-A-Bear

One of the best parts of our bedroom: a walk-in closet. I’ve never had a walk-in closet so this is pretty amazing to me. On the left, I hung all of my work pants and skirts; in the middle, I have color and season coordinated the clothes; on the right, there are more of my work clothes and Daniel’s uniforms. I definitely have a “Pacific Northwest” closet with neutral colors. What can I say? Once a Washingtonian, always a Washingtonian. (: However, that being said, I am slowly adding some “Southern” personality to my closet.

While I was wandering through Target (one of my favorite pastimes), I found these really cool hangers. I love them because I can hang my favorite pairs of shorts and hook them together so they don’t occupy much room in my closet. These will also work well for work pants so I will be making another trip to Target soon!

Finally, in the corner I have my dresses and a few sweatshirts. I left most of the sweatshirts boxed-up since I will rarely need them here but I did pull out my favorites to hang up.

Well, I hope y’all enjoyed the first of my house tour! Let me know, in the Comments section, if you want to see anything else in the bedroom/closet. Check back next Wednesday for the next episode. Until then, have a good week!


  1. Thanks for taking us there, with you! Nala and I can hardly wait to see you two soon!��


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