Saturday, April 2

I have been having severe wanderlust lately so I wanted to do a photo round up of some of my favorite places I've been. I have been extremely lucky to have the opportunity to travel throughout my life so far. I am so thankful for every adventure I have been on and cannot wait to travel in the future. So, here are some photos I have taken in the past few years! 

Disney World - 2015

Boston - 2015

New York City - 2014

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - 2012

Barcelona, Spain - 2011

Paris, France - 2011

Vatican City - 2011

Capri, Italy - 2011

Well, that's my round up! I'm interested in where your favorite place to travel is, so leave me a comment! I'm making a list of places I really want to visit so I want some suggestions (: Thank you for reading my blog.


  1. Dreaming of going back to Greece and bringing our family with to meet our Greek family!


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