Whats in my backpack

Tuesday, February 9

Main Pocket:

1. My computer - Macbook Pro 13" (I wish I would have gotten the Air because this is still quite heavy)
2. A folder
3. A 5-subject spiral notebook - I have found that these work the best for my classes since I usually take 5 classes a semester.
4. Accounting book
5. Lilly Pulitzer agenda

Middle Pocket:

1. Calculator - Most of my classes only let me use a 4 function calculator but I always carry this one around just in case. I also love this sticker, c/o Jadelynn Brooke!
2. Lots of colorful pens and pencils
3. Wallet
4. USB to wall plug in
5. Extra lead and erasers
5. A "just in case" container that has a highlighter, tape, stapler and extra staples - c/o VSH Certified Public Accountants

Little Front Pocket:

1. Tiffany bag - all of this stuff goes back into my Tiffany bag so I can transport it from my backpack to purse easily.
2. Kleenex
3. Tylenol
4. Nivea a kiss of Smoothness - this is by far my favorite chapstick!
5. Nail clippers
6. Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in Ocean - I honestly prefer the men's scents in the sanitizer for some reason.
7. Eraser
8. Head phones
9. Phone Charger

Mesh Side Pockets:

1. Nalgene Water Bottle - *shout-out to my brother for getting me this for Christmas!* I also have Patagonia, Southern Tide and Dutch Bro's stickers on there.
2. Keys - my favorite key chain is the Texas one that I picked up while I was down there over winter break. I also have my car, apartment and mail box keys on there.
3. Coach ID holder - since I take the bus to school everyday, I have to have my student ID handy.

Well that is pretty much everything I have in my backpack! Thank you for reading my blog!

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