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Wednesday, January 6

I absolutely love shopping, high end clothes and beautifully crafted purses but lets face it, I can't afford it right now. This is why I have found ways to buy the things I want while staying within my college budget. So without further adieu, here are my secrets..

1. One major thing that I do is buy clothes that will be in style for awhile, will hold up over time and match a variety of my other clothes. Another factor that needs to be considered is where I live. Living in Washington, we get a lot of snow, long springs and short summers which means that I can't dress head-to-toe in Lilly Pulitzer, unfortunately. However, I can and do buy classic/preppy pieces that can be worn in a variety of different ways to match the different seasons. 

2. The second thing I do is shop second hand! Don't worry, I'm not going to go all Macklemore on you and tell you to go get the fur coat from the thrift shop down the road.. But I will tell you that there are some amazing apps and websites that you can buy nice quality second hand items from. I buy and sell almost all of my clothes on websites like these: 
Poshmark - This is my favorite app and website to buy from. I have always had good experiences with sellers on there and will continue to use it to buy and sell my clothes. My favorite purchases: a new Coach purse, a Lilly Pulitzer wristlet and a pair of like new Steve Madden wedges (all for $50). If you download this app, make sure to put in the code HOCBY to get $10 off your first purchase! 
Facebook Free and For Sale - Almost all cities and college towns have one of these pages, you just need to find it and ask to join it. The only thing is, there can be some bad pieces and people on the page. Always be careful when meeting someone and make sure you inspect the item before you buy. My favorite purchases: new Lululemon leggings, Hunter boot socks, Coach purse and Lululemon 1/4 zip (all for under $100).
Mercari - I love this app to sell my clothes on. For the time being, they are offering no commission which means that prices are significantly lower than Poshmark since the seller gets all the proceeds. The only thing that I don't like about Mercari is that they don't have a website so you have to shop through the app. Overall, I love Mercari and find myself gravitating toward it. One thing to be cautious of on any site like this is the quality and condition. If you are ever not sure, make sure and ask the seller for more pictures. My favorite purchases: Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac, Lilly Pulitzer workout tank and Vineyard Vines Shep shirt (all under $100). If you download the app, use the code CCFYTV to get $2 off!
Keeks - This is a website that I have not purchased from but know is reputable. I have heard many wonderful things about Keeks and when I purchase another designer purse someday, I will definitely purchase through here! They buy designer bags and shoes from people and resell them at amazing prices. Go check it out if you are in the market for a beautiful bag!

3. Another thing I do is shop at stores that carry the same amazing clothes as designers but cut the prices. I love to find cute pieces that are similar to a certain design but don't carry the hefty price tag. Some of my favorite places to shop for things like this are:
TJ Maxx - I am a Maxxinista! I love all of their clothes, home items and shoes. TJ Maxx also sells some name brand things at a major discount. I recently got a Guess dress for NYE that was originally $108 but I took it home for only $30.
Ross - I love Ross for the same reason I love TJ Maxx. They have the best deals that I just can't pass up sometimes! I always go there to get wall art because they have the best canvas prints for the best prices. I found some Steve Madden combat boots for $20 last year and a fur vest for $15 this year.
Shop Riff Raff - I love this online store! If you didn't notice, the picture for this post is from Shop Riff Raff because I love their clothing. They have some wonderful shirts, dresses and accessories that won't break the bank. They also offer free shipping on everything so its perfect for a college student who has to get everything shipped to her door. If you are looking for some cute clothes then check them out!
Target - I am obsessed with Target. Everything about Target makes me happy! My absolute best secret is how I got Hunter look alike boots for only $40. I purchased a pair of coral rain boots from Target that look exactly like Hunters but don't have the label on the front. I then purchased Hunter boot socks on Facebook and put them into my perfect Target boots. The Target and Hunter boots are the same material, same size/shape and have the same tread. I received a pair of real Hunters for a gift and honestly, I liked the fit of my Target boots better!

4. Finally, I have to admit that I do splurge on some things. I have splurged on a couple North Face and Columbia jackets because I need them and wear them everyday. Another thing I splurged on was a pair of Nordstrom ankle booties. They are real leather and are absolutely perfect for my style so they were worth the splurge. The final thing that I splurge on is nice business clothes. Being an accounting student, I need a nice wardrobe for interviews and meetings so I splurge on blazers, pants and under shirts. 

Overall, I try to be a savvy shopper and not overspend on clothes. At the end of the day, a lot of brands are just expensive because of the name (but don't get me wrong, I still love them). Also, a lot of second hand clothes are really nice so make sure to check them out next time you are looking to update your wardrobe. Let me know if you have any other smart shopper tricks, I'm always up for finding deals! Thank you for reading my blog!

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