San Antonio in a Day

Wednesday, December 30

Last weekend I got the opportunity to visit San Antonio, Texas with my fiancé for a day before traveling onto Corpus Christi, Texas. After boarding the plane from Washington State, my fiancé posed the question to me if I would like to spend some time in San Antonio to explore the romantic city. Of course I said yes, so we went onto and use the hotel finder feature to book a random 4-star hotel in downtown San Antonio. This method is a fun way to book and discover hotels, if you have an open mind. A little less than $100 later, were pleased to get the Sheraton Gunter Hotel - only 2 blocks away from the River Walk!

As soon as we were checked in, we walked outside and pointed ourselves in the direction of what appeared to be the most festive part of downtown. A few minutes later we happened to stumble upon the River Walk which ended up being only two blocks from our hotel. It was 80 degrees and sunny outside so it was a perfect day to walk up and down the beautiful river and experience the vibrant culture that the area had to offer.

After walking around for a bit and taking in the scenery, we both found our stomachs grumbling at the delicious aromas fuming the area. After a considerable debate, we decided to eat dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant called Paesanos, right on the river. I had the spaghetti with a butter-lemon sauce, while my hubby-to-be enjoyed sausage and cheese stuffed shells. It was a delectable meal paired with a beautiful view! I highly recommend it to anyone who visits San Antonio. We were also recommended to eat at Casa Rio, the oldest Mexican restaurant on the river. We didn't get the chance to eat there but when we visit again it will definitely be on our to-do list!

After dinner, we decided to take a tour boat ride down the river. It was $8.25 but 100% worth every penny. We went at dusk, which I would definitely recommend. It was a memorable experience to see all of the Christmas lights decorating every tree and building come to life and illuminate the night. Our tour guide was a lot of fun and very knowledgeable about the city. You could tell that he really loved his job, which made the tour that much better. This boat ride was the best way to see the entire riverwalk in just an hour. If you have a short period of time, like we did, hop on one of these boats!

After a long day, we accidentally stumbled upon the Alamo on the way back to our hotel. It was late so we did not do the tour through it, but we did take a few pictures and admire the beauty of the mission. This building's design echoes throughout the architecture of San Antonio, but if there is one word to describe what the foundation of the city is built upon, it's diversity. Everywhere you walk, you not only witness the Spanish influence, but the American and even German influence as well.

We were very lucky to have had a beautiful 80 degree day to tour San Antonio! Unfortunately the next day cooled down and was stormy but we were driving back to Corpus Christi anyways; so we grabbed Starbucks and went on our way! For only having a day to explore the city, I think we did a pretty good job of getting an impression of what San Antonio has to offer.

Thank you for reading my blog, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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  1. So glad you had a fabulous day in San Antonio! Thanks for sharing of your adventures! We love you both!(-:


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