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Thursday, November 5

As many of you already know, I got the opportunity to spend my summer in Pensacola, FL with my boyfriend (now fiancé)! Exactly 2 months and 10 days ago, I arrived in this beautiful southern town. It was extremely humid and I couldn't breath when I first got here. However, I adjusted very quickly and now I love the humidity and heat!

Since Daniel is a pilot, we had many dinner conversations revolving planes and flight regulations while he was in Introductory Flight Screening (IFS). I have definitely learned a lot more about planes that I ever would have known! He also informed me of the weather conditions each day (storm front, Cumulonimbus, cold front, VFR and IFR flight conditions)! Once IFS was complete, and he obtained his pilots license, we got the chance to go to Disney World!

We spent 4 days there and hit every single park! Our favorite rides included the Rock and Roll Roller Coaster, Space Mountain, The Yeti ride in Animal Kingdom, Astro Blasters and Hollywood Tower of Terror. This was the most unforgettable trip because we got engaged! In front of Cinderella's Castle, Daniel got down on one knee and asked me "will you spend forever and always with me?" Luckily, he had asked one of the Disney photographers to take our picture so we have a picture of the wonderful moment. Our trip to Disney was so much fun and we both still have the Disney-blues!

For the Fourth of July, my mom and brother got the chance to come visit! Some other family friends came to visit us and we had a great day at the beach! At the end of the night we sat on the deck and had a view of about five different firework shows all over Pensacola.

Another one of our adventures included one of my best friends, Katie, coming down to visit and going to see the Blue Angles Show on Pensacola Beach (picture credit to Google). I had never seen a Blue Angles show and was completely in awe. The F-18 hornets all fly in formation and do unbelievable stunts. We were swimming in the water and they flew right over our heads! If you have never seen the Blue Angles, I highly recommend it.

One weekend, we headed to Foley, AL to check out some outlets! These outlets are home to about 120 different outlet stores. We only had a couple hours to spend so we tried to just walk around the entire mall and only go into a few stores. It was basically retail heaven there! After that, we went and spent 3 hours registering for our wedding. I couldn't believe how much time it took to pick out everything; deciding on a shower curtain was the biggest dilemma lol. Once we were completely exhausted, we decided to go play a game of mini golf! Surprisingly, after 3 years we still had never played mini golf together. It was such a fun little outing - and I got a hole in 1!

Our last trip was to Destin, FL. Destin is a big spring break place for kids who go to school in the south and I understand why. The water was pure blue and beautiful! The water wasn't as warm as it is in Pensacola but it was crystal clear. We went to Henderson State Park and highly recommend it, if anyone gets the chance to go there! While we were there, we ate a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co and got pictures in Forest's shoes. Our drive home was very interesting because it poured rain the entire time and there was also a lot of debris on the road due to the high speed winds. However, we made it home safely!

In our last week, we realized we hadn't visited the National Naval Aviation Museum. So we went to base after Daniel got off work and walked around for an hour. The museum was amazing! There were so many planes from all eras and so much history. It is definitely a place to go if you love planes or history! On my last day we visited my favorite little snowball place, Dave's Authentic Snowballs, and picked up some snowballs. In Washington we call them snow cones but down here they call them snowballs which I found amusing. They are probably the closest to snow Florida ever gets!

Now, I'm sitting at the airport (due to some mechanical failures I have a 4 hour layover). Reflecting on my summer makes me realize how truly blessed I am. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to explore the world and have gotten to spend time with my fiancé. I won't be able to see Daniel until Christmas time, but at least I have this amazing summer to remember!
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