Lush Cosmetics Review

Tuesday, November 17

This past weekend, I visited my first Lush store! When you first walk into the store you are greeted by a wonderful aroma of different scents and smiling faces of employees ready to help you decide on products. The specific store I went to closed at 7pm and I ran up to the door right at 7 and was bummed to see they were closed. However, the supervisor saw me and let me in even though they were closing! I didn't get to spend a lot of time picking stuff out so I just picked up a couple bath bombs, shower gel and samples of shampoo and conditioner.

I am so happy with the two scents I picked out! The white one is Sakura and the blue one is Avobath. They both smell absolutely amazing and I'm excited to use them in the near future!

For shower gel, I decided to go with Its Raining Men. This shower gel is perfect for my skin because it has been really dry. When I use this, my skin feels nourished and smells amazing!

I also received two samples for shampoo and conditioner since I couldn't decide. I really love the Daddy-O Shampoo and will definitely purchase a bottle of it next time I go to Lush! It is a purple based shampoo so it really helps blonde hair stay rich and not turn brassy. I have tried other purple shampoos and they all smell bad so I was really excited to find purple shampoo that smells wonderful! While I love the shampoo, I'm not too crazy about the American Cream Conditioner. It smells really good but it is a thiner conditioner that just didn't work for my hair type.
In all, my experience in the Lush store and the products has been very good! I will definitely be visiting them again in the near future to purchase some more cosmetics! Thanks for checking out my blog!

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