Thursday, November 12

A common question I get is "how did he pop the question?" So I have decided to make a post about the day my fiancé got down on one knee!

Once upon a time, Daniel came home from base and told me that he had been granted leave and we could go to Disney World. I was really surprised because it is rare for Ensigns to get leave while in API (aviation preflight indoctrination) unless its for a special reason. It turns out that he went to his command and told them he wanted leave so he could propose to his girlfriend. However, I didn't think much of it at the time because I was so excited to go to Disney!

It was on Sunday that we went to the Magic Kingdom park. It was June 29th (Father's Day and National Wear Your Lilly Pulitzer Day) so I was going to wear my Lilly dress but decided I didn't want to get it dirty. Daniel seemed bummed that I wasn't dressing nice for a day at Disney. I was so confused as to why he would care what I wore but again, I pushed the thought aside!

The first thing I wanted to do was get a picture in front of the castle, of course. But, Daniel refused to get a picture in front of the castle because he "wanted to wait until the lighting was just right in the afternoon." I was honestly a little peeved because I thought he was just trying to avoid pictures, like he usually does! 

As the day continued on, he got even stranger! He was carrying my water bottle in his bag so I kept reaching for it to get a drink of water. Every time I would reach for the bag he would pull it away from me and carefully pull the water out of his bag. He would also take it off and hold it in his arms like it was gold. I kept asking why he was being so weird about the bag and he didn't really answer which kind of got me thinking...

When the sun was finally at the right angle, we headed back to the castle to get a picture. However, Daniel wanted to wait until the courtyard had cleared out so we waited around 30 min for people to pass through. Finally, impatient me, said enough and told him "we're taking this picture right now and then going to use our fast-passes." It was at that point that he pulled a little box out of his bag, whispered something to the Disney photographer, came over to me, got down on one knee and asked "will you spend forever and always with me?!" I was so happy and all I could say was YES!! When he got up, hugged me and spun me around, everyone around us was clapping. We then got buttons that say happily ever after and were congratulated by park members for the rest of the trip. I still have my button on my backpack because it reminds me of that fantastic day (:

Getting engaged in Disney was my dream, and he made it come true. Daniel is the most amazing man I ever met and he is my happily ever after!!

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading our story!

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