Gifts for Guys 101

Tuesday, November 24

Hey everyone! The malls are all a buzz these days with happy Christmas shoppers (thankfully the stress hasn't set in yet). Since Black Friday is right around the corner, I wanted to post a little gift guide for that special guy in your life. Whether it be your husband, boyfriend, brother, dad or friend here are some gifts he might enjoy!

1. A nice classic watch. I have heard wonderful things about Nixon watches and they aren't bank breakers.

2. An iPad. I purchased one for my fiancé last year so that we could FaceTime while being long distance but he also loves to play games on it.

3. A G-Shock watch. The guy in your life might be more active and get more use out of a g-shock instead of a Nixon. These watches have really good reviews and look very durable!

4. Sports Equipment. My guy really loves soccer so I put a soccer ball but you really can't go wrong with any kind of sports equipment.

5. Socks; because who doesn't need socks?

6. A go-pro. I picked up one of these for my fiancé for his birthday and he used it while flying this summer. It is really nice and the only down side is the battery life is short. It is perfect for any guy who is an adventurer.

7. A wallet. One word of caution is that genuine leather is not real leather (I might be the only one who didn't know this). Genuine leather is made with leather but only has a small percent of leather in it. I would look for a wallet that was made with whole grain leather or 100% cowhide.

8. Nike shoes. Every guy could get use out of a pair of Nikes. If you don't know his shoe size it might be a little more difficult.. You could also get him a gift card and say "this is for a new pair of shoes."

Happy Holidays!!

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