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Friday, October 30

TIP 1: Go to class!!
I made the mistake of missing more class than I should have my freshman year. I thought to myself "well I'm tired today so if I just study at home and read the lecture slides, I'll be fine." How wrong I was!! Going to class is the #1 way to help you succeed. I'm not saying that missing 3-4 classes will make you fail, I'm just saying don't skip unless you really have to!
TIP 2: Turn off your cell phone in class
I honestly texted in class a lot until last year. I never really made the connection that texting in class is the same as not even going! When you get to class just put your phone on do not disturb and listen to the professor. If you need to check your phone once or twice, that is fine. Just try your best to put it away and really focus on what the professor is saying!
TIP 3: Plan ahead
If you haven't already, go to the store and buy a planner or a calendar! I have 2 calendars, a planner, and my phone; no joke. If you plan ahead, you are able to write your essay and get it edited, be able to hangout with your friends, study for the upcoming exam and most importantly sleep! When you know what you have to do, and you do it before the due date, then you can stay on top of your semester. Biggest take home from this tip is DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!
TIP 4: Don't go out and party every night
I know this is a fun thing to do when you are in Greek life, a freshman or 21.. but its not going to help you ace your next exam! Stay away from "Thirsty Thursday" or "Margarita Monday." You're probably asking right now "how are you supposed to have fun in college?" The answer is, party on Friday or Saturday but then get your life together and focus on school! You go to college to get the degree, not the alcohol.
TIP 5: Try not to get too stressed out about your future
I am kind of a hypocrite for writing this tip because I am so stressed out everyday about what I'm going to do when I graduate! However, everyone always says have an idea of what you want to do and set a goal for the future. Reach for that goal but don't freak out if you change your mind! I have changed my major 3 times in college (biochemistry, bioengineering and finally accounting). What I found to be most helpful in deciding was taking a class and really enjoying it and then talking to my professor. She gave me a lot of advice and really encouraged me to switch. If you are unsure about what you want to do, don't stress, just go talk to an advisor or professor and ask why they picked their profession!
TIP 6: Get to know your professors
The best way to do this is to go to their office hours and ask them a question about the class or the homework. I don't recommend going up to them on the first day and introducing yourself because they have so many people do that on the first day! The best way to get to know your teacher is by talking with them one-on-one in their office.
TIP 7 (final tip): Just try to do your best with balancing school and life
Don't make yourself sick from worrying about grades, don't hastily pick a major because you feel like you have too and do have fun! College is a time in your life where you really learn how to be on your own and manage your own life. It is a fun and challenging time; so do your best to make good decisions and enjoy it!! You only get your undergrad once :)

 How I study for exams and stay organized:

1. I take notes on the slides in class and on what the professor says. I tend to write down mostly what the professor says because they mention things that aren't usually on the slides!
2. I try and come home and type up the day's notes, but with 4 classes and homework it is difficult to do! I find myself going through the notes the weekend before the exam and typing up all of them.
3. Most of my professors, and books, have "learning objectives" that I will go through and make sure I know.
4. When I'm finished typing, I print them out and put them into a binder along with my homework assignments. I got the idea to use clear sleeves from another blogger (Mackenzie Kendall) and I love doing it! When your notes are in clear sleeves you don't have to worry about the pages tearing out or having to punch holes.
5. I make a crib sheet full of notes from the chapter, homework, slides and my class notes! Most of my teachers will allow the use of a note sheet on exams but even when they don't allow it, I still make the sheet for quick study references!
These tips and techniques have been working for me so far, so I hope they will help the rest of you!! If you have any other suggestions, add a comment (I would love to know how everyone else aces their exams)! Good luck this semester!! Thank you for reading my blog!

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